Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Vol.14, MAY 2020, Your Mind and Your Fertility Journey.

Your Mind and Your Fertility Journey

Author: Dr Osa Suzie Adeghe BSc, MSc, MBBS.

Anxieties surrounding your fertility journey may be amplified by the Covid-19 crisis that we  currently face. Having a healthy mind is just as crucial as having a healthy physical body. It is easier to neglect our mental health than we realise. This is Mental Health awareness week.
So…here are some tips that can help your mind feel healthy as you navigate this season:

1   Move your body!
Exercise has been proven to lift our mood and get those endorphins pumping. Go for a gentle walk, get hold of a skipping rope, or check out some home workout videos on YouTube. There are many free resources available to help you. The mind and body connection is extremely powerful. The increased blood flow to the brain will allow you to think with clarity, empowering you to focus on positive thoughts. 

List five things each day that make you happy
Visualising those positive things in your life will help you remain optimistic. Make a list of five simple things that make you smile: Our new freedom of spending more time outdoors, a new series on Netflix, or your favourite dessert!

Do one thing to make someone smile
The theme of this year’s Mental Health Week is ‘Kindness’. There is scientific evidence that acts of kindness boost our own mental and physical wellbeing. What can be more satisfying than putting a smile on someone’s face? Order a friend a new book if they are isolating alone, bake a neighbour some banana bread, or even spend time talking with an old friend over the phone.

      Allow yourself to have bad days
It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed. The current climate is tough and sometimes feels impossible to navigate. Do not feel bad for allowing yourself to retreat for some time and acknowledge your feelings. They are valid.

Congratulate yourself!
 As the saying goes…’You have survived 100% of your worst days’. I have great news for you – better days are coming. Do not underestimate the power of being able to bounce back after that negative pregnancy test, the loss of a pregnancy or as some may have experienced more recently; the delay to your long awaited treatment cycle.
You deserve to congratulate yourself for overcoming these challenges.
 I hope these tips will help you remain positive and keep your minds healthy.  Remember that there is support if you feel that things are getting too much. Pick up the phone and our friendly staff will offer you support and a listening ear.

Stay safe and remember ‘Your Mind Matters’.

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