Monday, 4 May 2020

Vol. 11, MAY 2020, GOOD NEWS - Re-starting IVF treatment after Covid suspension

GOOD NEWS - Restarting IVF Treatment

The news came on Friday 1st May 2020, first by email from the HFEA to clinic PRs, and later in the day, the news headlined the weekly Covid-19 update by the health secretary Matt Hancock. Thus, after a period of uncertainty and stress, the proverbial light appeared in the tunnel. The HFEA had taken the decision that fertility clinics can apply to re-start treatment from 11th May 2020.

The good news is that St Jude's can soon resume our duties which is to help in making parenthood a reality. We can now put forward our Covid-19 safe working policies to the HFEA from 11th May 2020 for approval. Our policies will certainly be in tune with guidance from the government, professional bodies and the HFEA. Subject to satisfactory approval treatment cycles could start shortly after.

Luckily, St Jude’s is not a big centre. We are nimble on our feet. Our small size and our self-contained setting which is homely yet clinical, is well suited for a situation such as this. Well spaced appointment times, small size clinics, professional and personalised fertility care, are the core characteristics of our service. Safety and quality will continue to be our tradition.

We have a list of clients who have been waiting patiently, we will be in touch soon for next steps.


J. Adeghe PhD, FRCOG.

Medical Director

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